Thursday, December 7, 2017

Scrooge's Visitors

Just think of what a golden investigator Scrooge would have been post-Christmas Carol.

Of course, given the time and location of his story (London, 1843), Ebenezer would have just missed Wilford Woodruff and the other members of the Quorum of the Twelve who experienced so many miraculous conversions during their mission to the English Empire between 1839 and 1841; but he still could have participated in the remarkable activity of the Church still happening in the British Isles shortly thereafter.

He likely would have emigrated with other Saints to the United States and then across the country to the Salt Lake Valley. With his large personal wealth, Scrooge would have been able to pay for the provisions of many fellow British converts, most of whom had little to their name.

In Utah, Brigham Young would have surly put him to work at the Zions Bank where Brother Ebenezer would have spent his days content in his efforts to build the kingdom. No doubt Ebenezer would have traveled south to do the temple work for his beloved business partner Jacob Marley as soon as the St. George Temple was dedicated.