Monday, December 11, 2017

Star Wars Week: Episode I

After three critically acclaimed Star War weeks, I'm back for more. In honor of the Last Jedi, I'm running three posts this week all centered around Star Wars. Look for the regularly scheduled Thursday post later this week as well as a special Friday post!

Now if I were doing this right, today's strip wouldn't feature Elder Van Dyke but an excerpt from his father's mission, just before he turned to the dark side and began drinking caffeinated drinks or something. Instead, I'm just publishing another Van Dyke rerun today. But look on the bright side: there also is zero chance of a Jar Jar Binks sighting this week.


  1. Those denominational differences can put a real strain on a companionship!

  2. Early reactions for the movie are crazy. This may be the best Star Wars movie yet.