Thursday, December 14, 2017

Ball of Curious Workmanship

Growing up I had two sci-fi loves: Star Wars and Star Trek. And while Star Wars is now larger than ever (a new movie every year with television, comics, and books a plenty), Star Trek is in a serious rut. And while this week's posts are celebrating Star Wars, I wanted to take a moment to bemoan the current state of my other sci-fi love.

Sure the new Star Trek movies have been a lot of fun, but as for the TV side of things there is only a show available on a paid streaming service that nobody subscribes to and (even more egregious) is rated MA (the TV equivalent of an R rating). On top of that, there is talk that Quentin Tarantino is developing an R rated Star Trek movie. Now Quentin Tarantino might have the coolest idea ever for a movie, but a hard R rated show featuring all the swears, excessive violence, and whatever else he's got planned isn't Star Trek.

Instead of introducing Star Trek to a new generation of fans (like Star Wars has been doing), the creative team behind Star Trek is looking to rebrand it as something more edgy and cool while limiting it's appeal to an older crowd. The problem is that if you replace the hopeful geekiness of Star Trek with edgy violence, it's no longer Star Trek.

Tomorrow I'll write about Star Wars, I promise.


  1. Poor Star Trek. Remember the videos Kyle recorded for you while you were on your mission? He had a full summary of each episode. That was awesome.

  2. I finally got around to seeing The Last Jedi. I really liked it. I've got plenty of thoughts on the movie too. I'll have to share those in a couple of years during Star Wars Week Episode II.