Thursday, March 1, 2018

Home Lunch

Did you know that most canned food is good long after its expiration date? Share that little nugget the next time your mom tries to get you to take food storage in your lunch.


  1. Good to know. We've got several thousand pounds of food in our basement...and much of it is over 5 years old. :D

    One thing I love about our food storage is what we can make with it. I take advantage of this far too little. Although recently, I made Dorayaki (except from black beans instead of Azuki beans), and I used Kamut flour and brown sugar. It was incredibly delicious.

    It might be difficult to convince my family to eat it every day though hehe :D

  2. Get organised. Rotate storage, so that you're eating the older stuff whilst adding new to the stash. However I don't store tins, 'cos we never eat tinned stuff anyway. It's staples like flour and rice in my store.