Monday, April 9, 2018

One on One

It seems a little unfair that these two are playing winners out, doesn't it? Furthermore, if they are playing one-on-one street ball, chances are each basket is worth one point (threes are worth two). Making this an even more lopsided game than previously thought.


  1. Elder long is doing as much as I would be doing during a basketball game like that. Just standing their. As I’m not very well known or liked, the ball is never passed to me. So I just sit out. Otherwise, when its people who do like me, i just stand there. I’m not very good anyways. Anyways, Elder long seems to be as athletic as I am ;)

    (He’s wearing the same hoodie I am).

    1. While I liked playing basketball on my mission, I was never very good at it. You'd always have a spot on my team!