Thursday, May 17, 2018

End of an Era

In case you are living under a rock, the Church made some news last week.

This might be a Mormon Corridor issue, but one thing I won't miss about Boy Scouts is the ridiculous over-the-top Eagle court of honors. I've been to a number of those meetings with various birds of prey circling over our heads. This is a game of oneupmanship, that I have no interest in playing. When my son earned his Eagle last year, my wife and I told him the closest he'd get to a court of honor bird show was a Papier-mâché eagle hanging from the ceiling with a string. He wisely declined our offer.

Honestly, I'm kind of sad to see scouting go. And it's not because of the loss of character building camp outs and skill learning merit badges, it's because Boy Scouts made up roughly 20 percent of the gags on this website. As Kevin Beckstrom so aptly depicted, this is a dark time for Mormon cartoonists. First high priest groups, then home teaching, and now scouting. If the Church outlaws green jell-o, I'm retiring!

Credit to faithful reader Steve B. for the idea for today's gag.


  1. I thought you’d be glad to see scouting go, seeing how you would feel less guilty for not getting your Eagle Scout. But I do think you should keep your pinewood derby gags going forever though. They are timeless.

    1. Whoa, I didn't even think of the pinewood derby! That's half of my shtick right there!

    2. I didn't get my Eagle, either. But Scouting was a special place for me. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

      And on the subject of Green Jell-O, even if the Church does outlaw it, we'll still have funeral potatoes.

      And even if the Church outlaws that, we'll have green bean casserole.

      And even if the Church outlaws that we'll have Napoleon Dynamite and The Princess Bride.

      And if the Church outlaws that, where is the purpose of my life?