Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tournament of Champions: Final Four-Day One

And just like that we are down to four.

One Seed. Of the two brothers, Jared definitely was the less consequential. It was his brother that conversed with the Lord and led the people from Babel to the promised land. Yet due to a quirky form of government, Jared got a people named after him, while his brother didn't even warren a proper name in the scriptural record.

Four Seed. I am endlessly fascinated by Church art. Did you know that Harry Anderson was a Seventh-day Adventist who the Church contracted to paint a series of Bible paintings? Or that Minerva Teichert painted her series of Book of Mormon paintings as the result of a spiritual impression and later donated the whole lot of them to BYU?

Look lively. You've got two days to vote on the four semifinalist, of which the second two are coming tomorrow.