Monday, February 11, 2019

Tournament of Champions: Round Two-Day Four

It's a match up of underdogs as the 11 seed fresh off an upset of the six seed takes on the 14 seed (which crushed the three seed). Let's find out which of these two gags will advance to the final four!

Eleven Seed. I wonder just how many places left in the world don't have peanut butter. Even Slovenia, where I served 20 plus years ago, started carrying peanut butter about four months before I went home.

Fourteen Seed. Believe it or not, neither of these talk openings is my biggest pet peeve. That honor (?) would have to go to the old "For those of you who don't know me..." line. I mean, were you not paying attention to the member of the bishopric who announced you just moments ago? Not to mention the fact that your name is printed in the program. (I'm sounding like a grumpy old man, aren't I?)

Voting for the second round closes tonight at midnight mountain standard time. Be sure to cast your vote for this or any of the other three second round match ups before then, then tune in tomorrow for the final four.


  1. Quite a difficult choice, but I'll go with Eleven Seed, although in both the facial expressions really complete the feel!

    -Eric M. Aamodt

  2. Fourteen Seed ☺ - Chelsea Seal

  3. #11. As a side note, I also hate "for those of you who don't know me." Emily P

  4. 11 seed definitely .... great, now I want a Peanut butter sandwich 😋

  5. #11 - this missionary must really love peanut butter sandwiches because as everyone knows, if you meet a genie, you always ask for infinite wishes!

    1. Outside of the US 25 years ago it was hard to find good PB.
      or at least it was in Scotland.

  6. 14. We should laugh at cliches and discourage them from continuing to happen.

  7. 11. Both are classics. Buts missionaries? And genies? Like chocolate and peanut butter. . . . Mmmmmm. Peanut butter.