Monday, March 16, 2020

Uncertain Times

(I don't really feel like writing about goofy, imaginary missionaries today. Maybe next week.)

I suspect every nation has experienced or will soon experience a series of tipping points in connection with COVID-19. In the United States, the first of those tipping points happened Wednesday night where a series of events happened back to back to back to convince the public* that there really was something to this virus thing. As a result, come Thursday there was a run on grocery stores unlike anything I've ever seen in my lifetime. Since then, we've seen a number of changes to our lives.

I fear we are going experience more tipping points in the near future.

Saturday, aware that the Church was shutting down temples worldwide with the exception of necessary live ordinances, my wife and I made time for the temple. Public health wise that decision wasn't particularly smart, but we wanted a little extra spiritual strength as we faced the coming months. My wife aptly compared it to the saints in Nauvoo who swarmed the temple in the days before its closure in preparation for the trek west.

Sunday we held an intimate worship service at home. Our stake president and bishop have given permission for every worthy priest and Melchizedek priesthood holder to administer the sacrament in their homes. For my family, this made for a powerful spiritual experience. My son and I were also able to minister to another family in the ward whose father was out of town.

Throughout this experience, I've been comforted through my faith in Jesus Christ and His great plan of happiness. I am grateful for the knowledge that there is much, much more than this life. I'm grateful for the community of believers of which I'm belong. I'm preparing an activity packet for General Conference and sent it to my translators throughout the world. It moved me more than I expected to hear back from them concerning their situation and safety. Please be safe out there.

This blog will continue it is regular schedule. Hopefully, it will serve as a small diversion in a pretty scary time.

*Except for the President, he's still whistling past the graveyard.

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