Thursday, March 26, 2020

Your April 2020 General Conference Activity Packet

Yep, today's gag is a groan-worthy pun! In my defense, not only am I a cartoonist, but I am also a dad.

Hopefully, you are as excited for General Conference as I am. I suspect we could all use a little uplift these days.

To prepare for conference, you might want to consider downloading the Spring 2020 General Conference Activity Packet. It includes 16 pages of fun activities and pages for notes. And thanks to the work of some incredible translators, the packet is also available in Spanish (translated by the talented Gabbi Herrera), Portuguese (translated by the talented Dani Queiroz de Souza), and French (translated by the talented Sara Mayer).
In addition to the Activity Packet, you'll want to subscribe to the weekly Come, Follow Me Activity Page Newsletter. Every week the newsletter includes a fun activity page that corresponds to the Come, Follow Me lesson. Whether at home or at church (assuming we all get back there again), the newsletter is a perfect resource for parents or teachers of primary kiddios.

There are a number of other resources available to you at the Apple App Store, Amazon, and Latter-day Saint bookstores. You'll find them to the running down the right side of this post.

Be safe out there, everyone!


  1. Greetings! I'm having problems downloading the activity packet. Can you check to ensure you have the correct link to the file on your Google drive, please? Thanks!

    1. Weird. Send me an email and I'll send it to you directly. As far as I can tell, the link is working.

      If anyone else has a problem let me know, please.

    2. I also have a problem with downloading mine, so if you could help me with it that would be great.

    3. Oh I tried it again and it worked. never mind.

  2. Love, love, love your packet. We are having fun ages 8-45 working through the pages while watching conference. Our 15 year old keeps asking for an answer key as we struggle to find the 10th difference with Aaron & Hur. Also, is there really only 1 shadow which matches the prophet Joseph? We find 2 are the same. Anyway, you have us hooked!

    1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the packet. If you haven't yet, I hope you'll sign up for the activity page newsletter.

      Here's your answer key. Shadow B is the match. (Shadow A has a different hand, C has a different coat behind the legs, D has a different copy of the Book of Mormon, and E has another strand of hair poking out.

      The 10 differences for the Moses pictures include 1) Aaron's sandal, 2) Aaron's headband, 3) the little rock behind Moses' seat, 4) weed growing in front of another rock, 5) the coat of the soldier on the far right, 6) the sword of the soldier on the far right, 7) headband on the soldier second to right, 8)shield of the soldier just left of Hur, 9) beard of soldier second to left, and 10) cloud.

      Whew, that was hard!