Monday, April 6, 2020

A Loud, Crashing Noise

Perhaps during General Conference some people felt the Holy Ghost as a loud, crashing noise. It was certainly a moving experience for me.

Once again, Kevin Beckstrom has granted us a peek into the single most entertaining copy of conference notes you'll find anywhere on the net. Thanks, Kevin!


  1. While Elder Ryan's "idea" may seem clever in concept, I'd certainly be a bit hesitant to employ it considering the diverse array of "ideas" some have about the Church.
    Perhaps when teaching somebody who thinks that we apparently eat babies or something like that, a jump-scare might not be the best plan XD

    Well, this was my first Conference since moving to Utah, and thanks to television (or possibly more so to non-Iowaness*) I have had the opportunity to see ALL sessions live for the first time! After the announcement of the new Symbol (*spontaneous pun restrained*), followed by the new Proclamation, I was like, "I smell a new edition of the BoM and Standard Works!"
    I was VERY well pleased by the multi-cultural choir! I was really worried that since all the music had to be prerecorded due to the... situation it wasn't able to have been done, but there it was, throwing as much Spirit as hymning ever can!

    *Not that Iowa is ALL bad, of course. After all, in the meetinghouse of the Iowa City 4th Ward hangs the ORIGINAL of a certain famous handcart painting (

  2. Thanks for the mention. What an amazing conference!