Thursday, May 28, 2020


It sounds like many of us will be returning to our chapels in the near future. It might be time to loose the COVID beard. (Although I doubt this is much of an issue for most bishops who probably have been plenty busy even without regular Sunday worship.)


  1. It's a too bad we might have to wait even longer to have ward bulletins again, though; how can I call my collection a collection if I don't have a bulletin from the ward that I have now been a part of for two months?

    At least I'll always have the 1985 bulletin, sixteen years before the Iowa City Stake was even created and the very item whose discovery kickstarted by interest in collecting them in the first place :)

  2. Covid beard? I got one of those. I guess it's about time to lose it...

  3. I finally did it. I got rid of the COVID beard. Thanks for the reminder. With all this heat, it helps to have it gone.

    1. You're the first (and the last, I'm sure) to take grooming advice from me.