Monday, September 21, 2020

Your October 2020 General Conference Activity Packet

We are just under two weeks before General Conference which means you're going to be wanting to get your hands on the Fall 2020 General Conference Activity Packet. Well, dear reader, you've come to the right place. It is available in English, Spanish (translated by the talented Gaby Herrera), Portuguese (translated by the talented Dani Queiroz de Souza), and French (translated by the talented Sara Mayer).

You'll also want to subscribe to the Come, Follow Me Weekly Activity Page Newsletter.  Your subscription will get you an activity page in your inbox every Friday morning that corresponds to the scheduled Come, Follow Me lesson for the week. It is perfect for your little ones (and some of your big ones too). It is also completely free.

If you're looking to send some money my way, you could always order one of my books. I'd start with the Scripture Power Activity Book and then move from there to the Activity Book for LDS Kids or Now That I am Baptized next. Or you could pre-order my latest: Super Sunday Activity Book (use promo code PRE15 to save 15%). Finally, if you are looking for a book along the lines of the comic strips I feature on this website, consider purchasing Mission Daze--it's a collection of nearly 500 strips tracking the misadventures of a missionary from mission call to homecoming. It's the perfect gift for the missionary in your life.

If you have an Apple product, you might be interested in downloading one of my apps. LDS Coloring Book, LDS Scripture Heroes, or Book of Mormon Adventure are all fantastic products.

And, if that wasn't enough. You can also find me on the Come, Follow Me with David Ridges podcast this week as I guest host the lesson on 3 Nephi 12-16.

(Phew, that's enough self-promotion for a while!)


  1. Always look forward to the Activity Packet — and so many other things as well! What do you do in your spare time?