Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Santa's Treat

Believe it or not, there is a lot of news regarding Santa Claus and the COVID-19 vaccine this year. 

First, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced a couple of days ago that he personally traveled to the North Pole where he gave Santa the vaccine. Surprisingly, giving his hostility toward Dr. Fauci, President Trump has not declared this to be "fake news" during a 3:00 AM Twitter rant. 

Still I have my doubts. Given the infection rate here in the United States, I question whether Santa's workshop would allow travelers from the United States to visit the North Pole this year. Furthermore, the vaccine is received in two doses--three weeks apart--Fauci spoke of only one visit to the North Pole, not two.

The other news story comes from a couple of months ago where it was revealed that the Trump Administration was considering a plan to inoculate Santa Claus performers early in return for their help in promoting the rollout of the vaccine. The Administration ultimately backed away from this plan for unknown reasons.

Honestly, given the news these days, it's clear your going to find more chuckles reading the headlines than you will on a so-called humor website like this one.


  1. I find humor in both. But oftentimes find terror in the former and only occasionally in the latter.

    1. I'm glad that my blog is slightly less terrorizing than the news.