Thursday, August 12, 2021

Ammon's Homecoming Talk

I loved my mission. I loved everything about my mission, but when I'd hear stories of missionaries in my mission who were arrested and thrown into jail (on Thanksgiving day, none the less) or forced to evacuate their city because it was getting bombed; I'll admit I felt a little jealous.* Mostly because that meant those missionaries were going to have one heck of a story to slot into their homecoming address. Alma, Aaron, and Amulek all wish they had as good a story to share as Ammon.

*My biggest adventure came when I was hauled off a train, held in detention for a couple of hours, and then sent back out of the country I was trying to visit with a stamp in my passport barring me from ever returning. Ironically, I don't believe I even shared that story in my homecoming talk.


  1. You're right — some of my best stories I couldn't tell in sacrament meeting!

    BTW: Sis. B had an experience similar to yours in a country bordering Lauputania! Did yours involve extortion as well?

    1. No extortion (sadly). This was Serbia in the mid 1990s. Tensions were a little high.

      A country bordering Laputania, huh? It must be Latveria.