Thursday, October 21, 2021


If I was doing this properly, I would have held onto this gag until Friday, October 13, 2023. Unfortunately, I don't plan that far enough in advance.

Jason Voorhees the hero(?) of the Friday the 13th series of movies has certainly had an interesting career. Not content with killing teenagers at Crystal Lake, he's since moved onto Manhattan, outer space, the dreamscape (where he battled Freddy Kruger), and even H-E-double hockey sticks. But is he ready to face the missionaries of the Transylvania Central Mission? And just what are their mission boundaries anyway?

Once again, I've guest hosted the Come, Follow Me with David Ridges podcast. I was pretty lucky because this week's lesson is Doctrine and Covenants 121-123--the Liberty Jail sections! If you have a spare half an hour give it a listen, won't you?

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