Thursday, May 26, 2022

Council in Heaven Chair Setup

By my count, this is the fifth gag I've published dealing with the putting up or taking down of metal chairs.  My friend and fellow ward cartoonist, Kevin Beckstrom might be the go-to cartoonist when it comes to harried mission presidents or Latter-day Saint themed zombies, but apparently I can claim comics on cultural hall chairs.*

*And pinewood derbies (for all the good that is anymore). 


  1. Hey, at least they'd already have their eternal companions, so nobody would have to worry about them spending their time trying to impress the ladies by carrying a million chairs in each arm!

    I'd still want a personal throne made up of twenty stacked primary chairs though :)

  2. Zombies and mission presidents, that's me! How about a zombie mission president gag... Hmm...