Monday, September 18, 2023

Your October 2023 General Conference Activity Packet

It's hard to leave a special someone back home.
General Conference is right around the corner! Let me help you get ready by providing the Ward Cartoonist General Conference Activity Packet. Once again, the packet is available in English, Portuguese (thanks, Dani), and Spanish (thanks, Gaby).

In addition to the packet, I've got a number of products that can help you corral your rambunctious crew for 10 hours Conference weekend.

I've got a number of activity books available at fine bookstores everywhere:
Granted I'm wildly biased, but I believe these activity books come with a level of effort and care that far exceeds anything else on the market.

If you are more interested in a laugh than solving a puzzle, I'd suggest ordering a copy of Mission Daze. It includes nearly 500 comic strips tracking a missionary from mission call to homecoming. 

And then there are the apps (iOS only, sorry!). Your kids will love LDS Scripture Heroes or Book of Mormon Adventure on the Apple App Store.

Finally, if it is free that you are after, you could do worse than the Ward Cartoonist Activity Page Newsletter. Your subscription will get you a printable activity page delivered to your inbox every Friday morning.


  1. Thank you so much for creating these packets for conference!

  2. Your packets are my favorite!! Thanks so much!!