Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Comic Book: 2 of 5

Prior to this commission, I had only been paid for one other piece of art--a six-page superhero story published in a locally produced comic book that was sold in local comic book shops (and based on the royalties I received from it, was only purchased by the immediate families of the featured artists). So this Halloween story was a big deal to me. It was going into a program that was to be distributed to the thousands of people who would go through the haunted house!

I was one of those people and was likely the only person in history who looked forward to the pamphlet full of advertisements, coupons, and other stuff (mainly my art) more than the haunted house itself.

I should have enjoyed the haunted house more.

When I eagerly grabbed the pamphlet at the end, I was sickened at what I saw. The haunted house people had failed to place the story in its proper order. Page 3 came before page 1 which were both behind page 4. Trying to read it left me utterly confused (and I wrote the thing!). It was a disaster. (With that level of attention to detail it should surprise no one that this particular haunted house is no longer running.)

So, here, for the first time ever is the story the way it was meant to be read. Hooray for the internet.


  1. Yeah, that would have been heartbreaking....Yay for the Internet! These are very entertaining characters. :)

  2. Oh man! Funny. Glad to read it now in its full glory.

  3. Now that you have related the story behind the comics, I do remember when this comic came out. Maybe you could find another haunted house that would be willing to publish this comic and therfore put your disturbed history with haunted houses to rest.