Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Comic Book: 3 of 5

I was commissioned to do this comic book in the late summer of 1995--mere months after coming home from my mission (thanks to my brother Eric who knew the owner of the establishment).

Sometime during my two-year mission, the TV show Friends debuted and became a huge success. So the joke I did the bottom of the page was made by someone who had never seen an episode of that particular show. I also never saw a picture of Jennifer Aniston which made drawing her character kind of difficult in those days pre-Google Image. (Basically I'd take direction from my family which mostly consisted of telling me to make her hair bigger.) Despite those challenges, the Fiends joke is my favorite in the story. (Some of you might think it's the only joke.)


  1. This one is my favorite, too. I particularly like the mummy 'potty humor' joke.

  2. Love it. I was a big "Friends" fan when they first came out on DVD--not so much anymore. Apparently, I've matured. :) Love the monster truck pull and the Elvis impersonator frames as well. I figured I'd comment on those, since Eric already covered the first part. :)