Monday, June 24, 2013

Tracting Bingo 2

Tracting bingo wasn't the only thing my companions and I played while going door to door. Our greatest contribution to tracting games of chance was "tracting 21".*

Here's how it worked:

The companionship would trade off doors. Each door would be affixed a point value based on the final number in the address. The value for apartment 32 would be 2, the value for 123 Main Street would be 3. But, if someone answers the door, the value doubles. Going door to door, the missionaries add the values of their doors with the objective being to get as close to 21 without going over. At any point a missionary can elect to hold which then transfers the door in play and any subsequent door to his companion.

If, at any time, someone behind a door invited us in, the missionary's score immediately jumped to 21 and he won that game.

Inevitable, the game ended with my companion or myself secretly hoping that no one would be home at a door we were tracting, which is why tracting 21 (not to mention tracting bingo) isn't taught in the MTC.

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*Outside the Church, I suppose this would be known as "tracting blackjack".


  1. I love this concept. What a great game. This strip will probably inspire missionaries the world over to come up with similar games of their own. Hearts, crazy 8s, Uno, Texas Hold 'em. The options are endless!

  2. After entering the MTC my son had encountered in person what he felt like were the first of possibly many encounters with the apostles. He once said he had two apostles on his Apostle Bingo card.(:
    I had to ask if there were really Apostle Bingo cards-hey that could be fun too. You would have to-for each mission-make more spots. There aren't enough places for just the top fifteen. Adding area temple presidents and stake presidents from each area in the mission might give more variation to that game.

  3. You've led me astray - I introduced the idea of Tract Bingo to our Elders and they loved it :)

    1. Megan, apologize to the Mission President next time you see him for me.

    2. He was there at the time!!!!!