Thursday, February 9, 2017

Follow the Prophet

"Follow the Prophet" is one of our family's favorite primary songs. Although given the mortal end of a number of the prophets, I can see why the song would take on a more ominous meaning if it was interpreted literally rather than figuratively.


  1. Thanks. Now I'm going to be afraid every time we sing that song from now on!

  2. $100000 was a profit
    We made it in a scheme!
    We tried to pull in money
    While living the dream!

    But after our conscirnce
    Said "That's not the way!"
    We're doing 5 to 10
    In a prison in L.A.!

    Following the prophets is a good idea...but following the profits can be a bad idea...

    1. Maybe we can add your verse to the next edition of the "Children's Songbook."

    2. Maybe we could get a few copies into that prison...Convert the men this verse refers to.

  3. I don't know about lions, but I have sat with a tiger in Berlin Zoo and played 'grab muzzle' with him...