Monday, August 10, 2009

Missionaries Cooking Badly Part 3

Here's this weeks chapter in the four-week saga. The denouement comes a week from today. The suspense must be killing you.


  1. I hate to be a stickler for context, but shouldn't the flour container be labelled in Laputanian?

  2. Eric,
    It isn't Flour, its Sugar. The Laputanian company is just trying to give the product an American sounding name. Just be glad they didn't call it Zits.

  3. I actually am in suspense...that doorbell ring can't mean anything good. Since when do missionaries have visitors for dinner?

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  5. Eric raises an issue that I struggled with when I created the strip. Namely, how do I treat the foreign language. Ultimately, I decided to handle the Laputanian in much the same way the filmmakers of The Hunt for Red October handled the Russian. That is, while my missionaries are interacting with the Laputanians and speaking Laputanian, you're reading it in English. This applies (apparently) to grocery labels too.

    Having said that, there are times when the actual Laputanian appears in the strip (here, for example) if the inclusion of the language contributes to the joke.

    Kelsey, it probably should have been clearer, but the doorbell was the pizza delivery guy bringing Elder Van Dyke's companion his pizza. Hopefully, that doesn't ruin the suspense.

  6. Citing Tom Clancy, eh? OK, I'll give you that one.

    How about the whole pizza delivery thing? Does that happen in Laputania?

    And the doorbell. As I recall from my brief sojourns into the recesses of the iron curtain, the doorbells tended to buzz rather than "ding-dong."

    Care to invoke any cold war cinema to explain away those inconsistencies? You should just feel lucky I don't sic the boys from on you.

  7. Geez Eric, can't you just enjoy the joke? Your superhuman intelligence ruins everything.