Thursday, September 19, 2019

Boy Scout Taps

There was a time when I thought a lot about Boy Scouts. I was regularly coming up with scouting jokes that I hoped the New Era would publish. An if that magazine wouldn't print them, I could always post them onto this website. Out of this little practice came an almost unhealthy obsession to see a pinewood derby gag published in the New Era--which was finally realized in March, 2011.

Needless to say, this blog has seen a lot of Boy Scout gags published over the years. Today, you are looking at likely* the last scouting joke ever to be featured on the Ward Cartoonist website. So, please, if you've got one, put your bugle to your lips and play a rendition of taps.**

*There are still two scouting gags I sold to the New Era years ago. I suppose there's a chance that magazine could publish one or both of them before the end of the year (although I doubt it).

**Given the somberness that should exist for such an event, a kazoo would work too.


  1. Is it all right if I whistle Taps?

  2. This is way too sad. So does that mean those two scouting gags will remain in the Arie vault forever? How could the New Era not publish them? There’s so many scouting gags to be had!

    1. The New Era is actually sitting on about a dozen of my gags that it may or may not get around to publishing one of these days. Same with the Friend and a whole bunch of activity pages.